Student Voice

Here are some interviews of our students and alumni. You can hear the real voice of some international students of Niigata University Faculty of Law.

One year abroad
Anna Munsch
Exploring and Adventuring in Japan
Jonathan Cuonzo
Studying abroad
Marius Moller
Studying at Niigata University
Jung Sungwoon
Studying by the sea
Christoph Kulle
A fantastic and unique experience
Lara Leidgeb
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Experiencing Japanese and Law
Franziska Hasselbach
Discovering Japan
Christian Grierson
Beauty, Culture, Friendship
Sophie Latham
Great place to study!
Shaoliang He
A new start from Niigata University
Cao Weichen
Niigata University courses are tailored for you!
Kim Young
Go for it!
Vivian Aiyedogbon